Borer Beetle Certificate Cape Town

Beetle Certificates in Cape Town

Borer Beetle Certificate Cape Town.

The Borer Beetle Certificate is a little more complicated than the other Compliance Certificates in the sense that the Beetle Certificate is NOT a legal requirement hence there are no specific legal or required guidelines as to what must be done to Certify a property Borer Beetle Free.

The major difference in the Beetle Certificate and the other four Compliance Certificates is that we do not tell you what must be done, but you tell us what is required through the Beetle Clause in the Deed of Sale signed by the relevant parties. It is basically a contractual obligation between seller and buyer.

Although the exact wording and requirements may vary from contract to contract there are certain basics that are normally covered by the vast majority.

In the Western Cape there are three Wood borer Beetles that are commonly specified:

ANOBIUM PUNCTATIUM (commonly known as furniture beetle) Found predominately in wooden flooring

HYLOTRUPES BAJULES Found predominately in roof trusses, fascia boards and wendy houses

OXYPLERUS NODIERI Found predominately in roof trusses, fascia boards and wendy houses

Some contracts may call for more than just the three common Wood borer Beetle above, and some less.

Another important wording is whether it is a requirement to check timbers in the main dwelling only or all timbers on the property, which would then include, wooden gates, fences, pergolas, Wendy Houses etc.

Fortunately Active Wood borer Beetle infestation, especially in modern homes and properties, is quite rare so our Qualified Beetle Inspectors perform a thorough visual inspection of the complete property, but remedial action will only be required if our findings are something that is called for in your specific deed of sale Beetle Clause.

  • Techno Wood Borer Beetle Certificate Services, Cape Town.

    The Techno Group is blessed to employ several qualified experienced Borer Beetle Inspectors, we do not make use of sub contractors.

    Qualified Borer Beetle Inspectors are a rare commodity.

    The Techno Group provides the Full Borer Beetle Certification service, from performing the initial Borer Beetle Inspection to carrying out whatever Beetle Rectifications may be required and issuing of the relevant paperwork/certificates to the necessary persons.

  • We offer our professional Borer Beetle Certificate services to the Greater Cape Town and surrounding areas.

    Our Location in Durbanville is the perfect position for us to be able to offer our Borer Beetle Inspection Services to the Greater Cape Town, Boland and Helderberg areas.

    Durbanville is, geographically, perfectly situated to enable us to offer our beetle inspection services throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.

    From Parklands & Tableview on the West Coast through the Atlantic Seaboard to Fishhoek on the Peninsula, across the Bay to Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Paarl and into the hills of Wellington and of course our own backyard of Bellville, Parow, Goodwood, Kraaifontein, Brackenfell and Kuilsriver.

    Not sure if we cover your area? Just give us a call...

  • Important Facts About Borer Beetle Certificates.

    Timber can only be inspected if it is accessible and visible to the naked eye. We cannot check timber for Borer Beetle if it is under fitted carpet, inaccessible roof spaces or sub floors etc.

    We are only concerned with “Active” Beetle infestation. Borer Beetle Infestation may not be visible yet as the larvae can live undetected inside the timber for years.

  • What does a Beetle Certificate Cost?

    Thankfully Borer Beetle Infestation is fairly rare, especially in modern homes. So in most cases, where no further remedial action is required, the cost of a Beetle Certificate will only be the Beetle Inspection Fee.

    Where further remedial work is required we will furnish you with a report and a quote to perform the remedial work. Unfortunately we cannot ascertain the extent of remedial work until a full Beetle Inspection has been performed. A Beetle Certificate can only be issued once the remedial work has been carried out.

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