Compliance Certificates. Frequently Asked Questions.

What Compliance Certificates do I need in Cape Town?:

If you have sold your house in the Cape Town area you may need as many as five Certificates of Compliance depending on what permanent installations you have in your home.

A few years ago it was just the Beetle and Electrical Certificates, but things have changed. Most Cape Town homes will now require at least Electrical and Water Certificates, with a Beetle Certificate often being requested too.

You may also require a Gas Certificate if you have a permanent Gas installation in your home, portable gas appliances are not included.

If you have an Electric Fence installation that forms part of the property you will be required to get a compliance certificate for this, communal Electric Fences are the responsibility of the Body Corporate, not the individual property owner.

How do I go about obtaining these Compliance Certificates?:

Arranging for your Certificates of Compliance is something that your Estate Agent or Attorney will often handle on your behalf, but should you wish to arrange for the Compliance Certificates yourself and you know which Certificates you require then you can simply complete our Online Request Form and we’ll get back to you to make the necessary arrangements.

What do the Compliance Certificates cost?:

What the Certificates of Compliance cost will vary depending on what rectifications, if any, may be required in order to make the various installations compliant. We will only know the extent of possible rectifications after we have performed the Inspections, but we can tell you up front what the Inspections cost, refer to Inspection Fees.(Inspection Fees are based on normal homes, fees will vary for larger buildings.)

Should the installations be compliant we will issue the Compliance Certificates at no further costs, if rectifications are required we will issue you with a detailed report and a quotation for us to perform the rectifications. We will only execute the rectifications upon your written acceptance of our quotation and issue the Certificates after we have completed the rectifications.

What is involved in the Compliance Inspections?:

If you require multiple Compliance Certificates we will make all effort to have the various inspection teams present at the same time for your convenience. The time it takes to perform the inspections will vary depending on the size of your property, a small flat could be 30 minutes and a large home 2-3 hours.

The inspectors will require access to the entire property inside and out, including roof space and any out buildings etc. During an Electrical Inspection ALL appliances will be unplugged and power will be switched off for a period to perform certain tests. Our inspectors are under strict instructions to ensure that all appliances are plugged in again at the end of the inspection, but please don’t be shy to insist that we double check vital appliances such as fridges, freezers, geyser etc.

Who pays for the Compliance Certificates?:

It is generally the Sellers responsibility to provide the new property owner with the Certificates of Compliance and pay for them. The Techno Group understands that cash flow may be somewhat constrained at this time and offers flexible payment options.

You may make immediate payments as the services are provided or alternatively we can forward the accounts to your transferring attorney who will settle it on registration from the proceeds of the sale. Please note it remains your responsibility to ensure that the account is settled.

Are Electrical Appliances included in the Electrical Certificate of Compliance?:

The short answer is NO, electrical appliances are not included in the electrical certificate, no matter whether they are fixed or free standing. Free standing appliances are not normally sold with the house and will be removed by the outgoing owner, but fixed appliances however normally remain as part of the sale.

It is important to know that we do not test or repair the actual appliances, but we will confirm that the fixed appliances have been connected to the electrical supply in the proper approved manner.

Fixed appliances include, but not limited to, Pool pumps, pond pumps, garage and gate motors, air con units, panel heaters, irrigation systems, alarm, automation-lighting control systems, alternative energy sources etc.

The geyser itself is not checked during an electrical inspection, but is covered by the water certificate for any non compliance issues found on the day of inspection.

Are the Compliance Certificates a Guarantee?:

YES and NO. When you purchase any brand new product, like a brand new house, everything in that house is brand new and guaranteed by the manufacturer-developer for a certain period of time.

However when you purchase a second hand home the original guarantees have probably long since expired. When a house is sold we perform the inspections checking for non compliance issues according to strict requirements laid out by the various authorities.

Should it be necessary for us to replace certain items in order to make the installation compliant then those new materials will be guaranteed along with our workmanship accordingly. We can neither offer any guarantee on existing equipment or materials that tested compliant on the day of the inspections nor can we issue a certificate on workmanship and materials supplied by a third party other than ourselves.