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Call Outs:

Call outs for general fault finding.
(Not inspections or Certificate Related issues.)

R 541.50 inc VAT.
During Normal Working Hours.

R 741.00 inc VAT.
After 5 pm and Weekends.

Call out rates include the first hour of labour and are payable immediately on-site to the company representative.

Inspection Fees and Call Outs are completely separate services and different fees.

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Inspection Fees, what do Compliance Certificates Cost?

It is impossible for us to be able to tell you up front what the Compliance Certificates will cost as we cannot predict prior to performing an inspection if, and what, remedial work may be required, but we can tell you what the inspections will cost. Once we have performed the inspections we will then be able to issue you with a detailed report and a quote to perform any rectifications required to issue the certificate/s. If Any.

At The Techno Group we understand that selling your home and moving is one of the more stressful events of many peoples lives, and can also place serious strain on your cash flow therefore we offer a choice of payment methods.

A discounted inspection fee for immediate settlement, or to help in preserving your cash flow at this critical time we can forward the account to your transferring attorney who will settle with us from the proceeds of the sale on registration. (Up to 90 days maximum)

In the Cape Town area you may be required to provide up to five certificates when selling your home. These include:
           Electrical Certificate

Beetle Certificate

Water Certificate (Often referred to as Plumbing Certificate.)

Gas Certificate

Electric Fence Certificate

Our Current Inspection Fee Price list: All Prices include VAT. (Please Note these are NOT Certificate Fees. Read more below.)

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Or, request inspections online.

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Download our pdf document, explaining the various inspections and procedures.


Download DIY cost saving advice pdf.


Immediate settlement is for payment to the inspectors at the time of inspection, cash, cheque or proof of EFT. Cheque's to be made out to Techno Electrical. Failure to settle with the inspector at time of inspection will result in discount being forfeited and normal rates will automatically apply.

Account payments via transferring attorney up to a maximum of 90 days at which time the account is due and payable.

The client remains ultimately responsible for the settlement of the account.

Inspection fees are a professional consultation fee and are payable irrespective of the result of the inspections.

Should the inspection/s be clear we will issue the relevant certificate/s to the transferring attorney at no additional cost other than the inspection fees.

In the event of rectifications being required we will issue you a full report with a quote for the necessary rectifications, at this point you may either give us the go ahead to proceed with the rectifications after which we will issue the certificate/s or alternatively you may decide to make use of another company to perform the rectifications AND issue your certificates, be aware that the other company may insist upon first doing their own inspection resulting in you being liable for two inspection fees.

Inspections Fees.

Immediate Settlement.

On Registration.

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