Electrical Compliance Certificates Cape Town

Electrical Compliance Certificates in Cape Town

Electrical Compliance Certificate procedure in Cape Town explained.

It is a requirement in Cape Town, South Africa that owners of properties that contain an Electrical Installation be in possession of a Valid Electrical Certificate of Compliance confirming that the Electrical Installation has been inspected by a Qualified, Registered, Electrician and has been found to, or made to, comply with the SANS10142-1 Electrical Installation Regulations and is deemed Safe.

Modern life without electricity would be impossible, but it must be remembered that electricity, if not respected and treated with the proper care, can be dangerous and has the potential to cause harm to people and damage to property.

When selling your home it is generally the Sellers responsibility to provide the Purchaser with a “Safe Electrical Installation” this is verified by having your Electrical Installation inspected by a qualified Electrician for non compliance issues.

Should your Electrical Installation be compliant the Electrician will issue you with a new Electrical Certificate of Compliance, in the event that your Electrical Installation is not compliant the Electrician will issue you with a report of the electrical compliance issues and a quote to rectify these issues.

On acceptance of the quotation the Electrician will make the necessary electrical rectifications and then issue you with a new Electrical Certificate of Compliance, COC.

For your convenience we normally supply the new Electrical Certificate directly to your Transferring Attorney for Registration purposes and to be passed onto the new property owner, you are more than welcome to request a copy of the Electrical Compliance Certificate for your own records.

What is the Procedure should I wish to obtain an Electrical Compliance Certificate in Cape Town?

Once you know you are selling your house, or sold your house, you may Request an Electrical Inspection here. If you have already sold your home your Agent will often take care of the application for you, it may be a good idea to have the electrical inspections performed before you sell your home as this will give you a better idea of potential cost of rectifications, if any, allowing you to budget better and price your house accordingly.

We will then contact you to ensure that you understand the relevant electrical inspection fee options and make an appointment to perform the Electrical Inspection. Read more on what’s involved in an electrical inspection.

When is an Electrical Certificate of Compliance required?

A new Electrical Compliance Certificate is required when you sell your house and your existing Electrical CoC is older than two years or if you have sold again within the two years, but you have worked on or altered the Electrical Installation in any way, shape or form within the two year period.

  • The Techno Group Compliance Certificates in Cape Town:

    The Techno Group, Cape Town, employs multiple teams of highly qualified, registered and experienced Electricians to provide you with peace of mind that when we have issued an Electrical Certificate, your Electrical Installation is as Safe as it should be, our electricians are full time employees, we do not make use of sub contractors.

    The Techno Group provides the Full Electrical Certification service to the greater Cape Town, Boland and Helderberg regions, from performing the initial Electrical Inspection to carrying out whatever Electrical Rectifications may be required and issuing of the relevant paperwork/certificates to the necessary persons, all in house, no sub contractors.

  • Important Facts about Electrical Compliance Certificate regulations.

    Electrical Compliance Certificates do not cover appliances on the premises, but do cover how these fixed appliances are connected to the electrical installation.

    Electrical Certificates of Compliance are valid for two years, provided the Electrical Installation has not been modified in any way during that period.

    Any modifications or additions to the Electrical Installation will render the existing Electrical Compliance Certificate invalid.

  • Our Location in Durbanville is the perfect position for us to be able to offer our Electrical Inspection Services to the Greater Cape Town, Boland and Helderberg areas.

    Durbanville is, geographically, perfectly situated to enable us to offer our electrical inspection services throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.

    From Parklands & Tableview on the West Coast through the Atlantic Seaboard to Fishhoek on the Peninsula, across the Bay to Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Paarl and into the hills of Wellington and of course our own backyard of Bellville, Parow, Goodwood, Kraaifontein, Brackenfell and Kuilsriver.

    Not sure if we cover your area? Just give us a call...

  • How much does an Electrical Compliance Certificate Cost?

    Unfortunately we cannot tell you upfront what the electrical certificate of compliance cost is, until such time as the full electrical inspection has been carried out. The Electrical Inspection Fee is the only upfront cost we can provide you with.

    Once we have completed the electrical inspection and no further remedial work is required we will issue you with an Electrical Certificate at no further cost. Should remedial work be required we will first issue you with a report and a quote to perform the remedial work, only upon us completing this remedial work can we issue you with an electrical certificate.

Request an Electrical Inspection.

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