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Shop 7 Village Walk Centre. 25 Wellington Road, Durbanville. Cape Town.

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Qualified Electricians based in Durbanville serving the Cape Town Market.

The Techno Group employs multiple teams of qualified, registered highly experienced electricians all capable of providing a comprehensive electrical service, maintenance, and construction be it domestic, commercial or industrial.

As we are very involved in the electrical certification process, as one of our core functions for over 15 years, we are fully versed in all the latest electrical regulations and correct procedures ensuring that your electrical installation is in compliance with all the most

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recent electrical regulations.

An electrical installation that complies with regulation ensures that it is SAFE, not just operational, we are often horrified at some of the things we see “others” have done during our electrical inspections of peoples properties.

Who better to do your electrical installations than those who inspect them, we can’t claim we didn’t know…….

We operate in small teams of two, a qualified electrician and an experienced assistant, so you will always have at least one experienced qualified electrician directly involved in your project, not just a bakkie full of labourers occasionally being checked by an electrician.

Next time your building or renovating just give us a call on the office number above, or just click on our email address to send us a message and experience the Techno Group difference.

Call out fees:

R541.50 inc. VAT (inclusive of first hour labour) (Fault finding) – office hours;

R741.00 inc. VAT (inclusive of first hour labour) – after hours (after 5 pm and weekends)

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The Techno Group is very fortunate to have a highly trained in house LED Lighting Consultant and numerous highly experienced LED Lighting installation electricians.

LED Lighting, unlike traditional lighting, requires specialised LED Lighting knowledge.

LED Lights are actually Electronic components that emit light and require a level of electronics knowledge that most traditional Lighting Consultants and installation electricians simply do not possess.

Traditional lighting installations are fairly simple, but LED lighting installations require knowledge of Direct Current, DC, Polarity sensitivity, various voltages and most importantly a thorough knowledge of which dimmers will work with which LED lights. Not all LED lights are dimmable, even those that claim to be dimmable will NOT work on all dimmers. Read more about LED Lighting.

We are not saying that all LED Lighting installations are complicated, but in certain cases an LED Lighting installation will require the knowledge and experience of an LED lighting specialist.

If you’re considering upgrading your existing lighting installation to LED, or building a new home or office incorporating LED Lighting then feel free to give Vince, our in house LED Lighting specialist a call.

LED Lighting Installations: