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High Definition Networking and Distribution.
HDMI to cat5 networking and distribution.

High definition or HDMI is the latest method of transporting stunning high resolution picture and true mind blowing 5.1 surround sound from a source device like our HD PVR decoders or Blu-ray players to our HD televisions or AV Receivers.

HDMI is limited as each source device is generally only supplied with a relatively short HDMI cable of approximately 1-2 m in length for connection to only one output device, AV Receiver or TV.

Many homes now days have more than one TV and would like to be able to view the high definition signal, like our High Definition Dstv, or signals from multiple sources on more than one TV at a time.

image of hdmi extender image of hdmi to cat5 converters image of hdmi matrix  switch

High definition cables have certain limitations:

HD cables, especially quality ones, are very expensive.
They are relatively bulky to install and cannot be cut, they must be purchased in pre manufactured lengths.
HD cables can only be run up to a maximum length of approximately 10 metres depending on quality and price.

HDMI splitters enable us to plug in one HDMI source like a blu-ray or HD Decoder and send that signal to multiple devices, TV or AV Receiver for simultaneous viewing on all the connected devices, as it only splits the signal all devices can only view what is being broadcast from the one source. To be able to view more than one source on multiple TV’s requires a different device.

As discussed earlier HDMI cables are intended for short distances only, but in many cases the source may be quite far from the output device, in this case we make use of HDMI extenders, these devices receive the HDMI cable from the source on one end then convert that signal to a cat5/6 output which can be run up to 50m depending on broadcast signal type and cable quality, the cat5/6 cable then connects to a receiver which converts the signal back into HDMI for connecting to the TV or AV Receiver.

Cat5/6 cable is much smaller and more flexible than HDMI cable and can therefore be more easily installed through pipes and conduits.

HDMI matrix switch:

Multiple HDMI sources to multiple HDMI output devices, with complete selection & control of sources from all points.

image of an hdmi network

Many homes not only have multiple HDMI TV’s but may also have numerous High Definition sources, HD PVR’s, blu-ray players etc which they may wish to be able to view on demand on any TV in the home.

This requires the use of an HDMI matrix switcher which can receive multiple HDMI inputs and switch these inputs on demand to any selected output for viewing on that specific TV.

These devices also offer infra-red throughput for controlling of the source device from any connected point in the home using the source devices remote control.

The Techno Group provides professional HDMI Network installations.

Based in Durbanville servicing the Cape Town, Helderberg and Boland areas.

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