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Professional Home Theatre Systems.  Supply and Installation, in Cape Town.

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Home Network Solutions, a division of The Techno Group, offers a comprehensive range of quality Home Theatre Systems in Cape Town to suit all budgets from the affordable basic home theatre in a box to the professional home theatre systems for the discerning individual who wants nothing but the best.

Home Network Solutions are able to source quality branded home theatre systems from a host of reputable local suppliers that offer professional back up and support. No grey imports.

Modern home theatre systems are a complex combination of audio/video and computer technology, offering many features and functions that fall outside the simple DIY or plug n play. To truly appreciate the benefits of your investment we strongly advise making use of professional trained home theatre installation company, in fact many of the manufacturers of these systems only make their systems available through approved qualified outlets like Home Network Solutions who have the skilled personnel to ensure you get the best from your system.

Home Network Solutions can offer complete home theatre supply and installation or supply and installation of various separate components to upgrade or improve your existing system.
So if your looking for a professional home theatre systems installer in Cape Town, give us a call.

Modern Home Theatre systems require comprehensive knowledge of:

HDMI technologies, High Definition Multimedia Interface, all modern home theatre systems utilise HDMI for superior video and sound quality, in fact Audio/Video devices will soon no longer be manufactured with the old analogue style inputs. HDMI requires specialised knowledge to setup and install correctly, especially if you wish to distribute true high definition signals to multiple output devices, like multiple screens/TV’s. This will require the use of specialised distribution equipment and converters. See more under HDMI Distribution.

Computer networking and cabling for DLNA. Modern Home Theatre systems are becoming more and more like a computer and can be connected directly to your computer network, this offers many benefits, streaming of internet radio and other music services, play digital music and video that is stored on your computer network. DLNA is an international specification, digital living network appliance, all DLNA compliant devices can immediately see and “communicate” with other DLNA compliant devices on the same network.

WiFi configuration, as above modern home theatre systems can be connected to your home network via WiFi, if a wired network is not available or impractical to install.

Smart phone/pad applications, as modern home theatre systems are net workable the manufacturers have written “apps” that can be downloaded onto various smart phones and used for controlling a multitude of “intelligent” devices. As this operates over WiFi it offers improved control and portability over the infra-red remote control, which are directly line of sight and limited range.

Proper home theatre design and layout. If you are investing in a quality home theatre then you want the most out of it, poor installation and layout will diminish the surround sound effect that you will achieve. Unfortunately most rooms where home theatre systems are installed are not specifically designed for this purpose, they are different shapes, layouts and comprise of different materials all of which affects the acoustic quality, but a professional installer will be able to get the optimal sound out of your system for the conditions/environment in which it is installed, and advise on some simple techniques to improve the acoustics of a room.

Home Theatre optimisation for optimal sound quality in installed environment. Modern quality home theatre systems offer a system that can be utilised to automatically optimise the sound output to best match it’s surrounding environment by using a small microphone the system emits a series of sounds through each connected speaker and measures the feedback it receives in the microphone and automatically optimises the sound output to it’s environment.

Multi-zone systems. Many modern home theatre systems offer the ability to set up multiple zones, not just audio, but multiple video zones too. So through the one system you could be watching the rugby in 5.1 surround sound in the lounge, but listening to music on the patio through a separate pair of stereo speakers, with each zone being separately controlled.

Product compatibility between components. Modern home theatre systems offer such an array of functions and features it’s vital to ensure that all the different components are compatible with each other and will form a great overall system, there’s no point in buying the latest and greatest 3D LED TV, but your AV Receiver is not capable of processing 3D signals.

Digital audio and video codecs for compatible streaming purposes. Modern home theatre systems are capable of playing digital audio and video straight off the network or storage device, but only understand certain formats, unfortunately there are literally dozens of different audio and video codecs out there and some of these will not work on all devices, it’s important to check compatibility with your digital audio/video library before you purchase the wrong equipment.

Home Network Solutions has many years experience specialising in installing Home Theatre Systems and employs highly trained experienced technicians with the correct skills to provide you with a superior home theatre experience anywhere in the greater Cape Town area.

Just some of the quality home theatre, audio/video brands we can offer you, call us if you don’t see your preferred brand here.

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Please note that local suppliers may not import all products on manufacturers websites. Contact us for enquiries.

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