Introducing our new improved Online Inspection Request System.

The old fashioned way - phone - fax - email.

It’s something we’re sure may have happened to many of you, you have submitted a request for an inspection to your preferred inspection company either via e-mail, fax or even on one of those online forms that then emails the company. Then you’ve sat back and waited for some feedback assuming that they have received the request and are handling it accordingly. After a week or so you follow up on the status of your request only to be told that they have no record of ever receiving it, oops frustration and delays.

It’s possible that your fax either didn’t come through or just got lost in all the other paperwork that collects on the fax machine, emails can fail or go straight to spam as a result of spam filters, firewalls or incorrectly typed email addresses. Yes, you could phone through your inspection request, but this is time consuming, frustrating and prone to human error in dictation. Handwritten faxes can also lead to delays as unfortunately not everyone's hand writing is as legible as typed text. Ultimately up until now no system has been 100% reliable.

A few months ago the Techno Group quietly implemented a completely online system of receiving and capturing of Inspection Requests, without even realising it many of you have already been using the new system on our website and we are very pleased to announce it’s 100% success rate. The real power of the new system is in it’s two way communication, older methods lacked this feature so if you sent us a request before and we didn’t receive it firstly you were not aware that we didn’t receive it, and we of course are not aware that we should have received it so sometimes a few weeks could go by before it becomes apparent that the request has gone “missing” causing delays and frustration for all parties involved. Our new system informs you immediately if your submission to our database has been successful and also emails the requestor a further confirmation that your request has been loaded onto our cloud based database with a unique reference number, your request is not only immediately made available to us, but we also receive an email to inform us that a new request has been loaded, at this point a real person at the Techno Group will acknowledge receipt of your request on the system and you will receive a further email to inform you that your request has been put in process. So as you can see, with this system, if you have received confirmation then you know we can no longer claim we didn’t receive it. Try it for yourself ……Submit An Inspection Request Online.