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South Africa has experienced sharp increases in the price of electricity over the last few years.

This trend seems set to continue for the foreseeable future, not only are we experiencing rising costs, but Eskom is constantly pleading with consumers to cut electricity consumption to avoid load shedding.

Although lighting may only make up about 10% of our overall electrical consumption in an average home, the figures can be very different in the commercial environment, reaching as high as 40-50%.

Replacing your old incandescent and halogen lights and bulbs with energy efficient and long lasting LED lighting will not only cut your lighting bill by as much as 80%, but it also offers huge savings in terms of maintenance.

If you are considering installing a back up power supply, generator or inverter, then converting your existing inefficient lighting to LED Lighting will greatly reduce the required load that your standby system needs to cater for, meaning you can install a smaller, less expensive system.

An average 3 bedroom home may have up to 3 KW’s of lighting, by converting this to LED lighting you could easily reduce this load to under 1 KW thereby reducing the possible load your standby system needs to cater for by a massive 2 KW’s, these savings will be even more impressive for a commercial environment.

Beware, in the absence of local standards the South African LED lighting market has been flooded with products of inferior quality that boast “over the top” claims, we strongly recommend the use of reputable brands that have been manufactured to stringent EU standards only.

Advantages to converting to LED Lighting.

LED Lighting is five times more efficient than incandescent or halogen, reducing your lighting bill by 80% and reducing the load on Power Supply systems.

LED lights are long lasting, reducing maintenance costs, particularly important in large factories or warehouses that require expensive scaffolding to maintain lighting.

LED lights are cool, halogen and incandescent lights convert 90% of their energy to heat. Further savings are possible in commercial environments that require climate control. Shopping centres etc.

LED lights are directional in nature, less lighting is wasted in spillage, older lights rely on reflective design of the fitting to direct the light in a desired direction.

LED Lighting offers advantages in specialised environments where other lights may not perform optimally, cold conditions, switching speeds and resultant life spans, areas where UV light is not desired etc.

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