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Lighting Consultants - Cape Town.

The Techno Group is truly blessed to have so many highly qualified and experienced in house lighting specialists, from LED Lighting installation electricians to highly trained LED Lighting Design Consultants.

These Lighting specialists enable the Techno Group to offer unsurpassed Lighting Project services, particularly LED Lighting to the Cape Town market.

LED Lighting installations are slightly different, somewhat more technical, than traditional lighting installations.

There is no disputing the fact that LED Lights are the future, at least the foreseeable future.

LED Lighting offers incredible benefits in terms of energy savings and long life spans, but LED Lighting installations may, at times, require a level of technical expertise that traditional lighting installations did not.

Previous lighting technologies were simpler from a technical point of view, a bulb was a bulb and a dimmer was a dimmer, all incandescent and halogen bulbs were compatible with just about any dimmer, as long as the Lighting Consultant had good knowledge of the Light Fittings available he or she could simply specify the fittings, supply the Light Fittings to the on site electrician for installation and walk away expecting very few problems, these lighting technologies have been around for decades and the electricians are familiar with them.

LED Lighting installations may require that the modern Lighting Consultant take more ownership of the lighting design and get more involved in the led lighting installation process. No longer can the Lighting Consultant simply specify the lighting products, supply these light fittings to the on site electrician and walk away. Many installation electricians do not yet have the necessary training or experience to install LED Lights under certain circumstances resulting in expensive delays, frustrations and possibly even damage to the lighting equipment.

Some specialised  LED Lights require a different installation methodology to traditional Lighting, make sure your lighting installation electrician is familiar with these requirements.

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An incandescent bulb was the same as any other incandescent bulb, no matter who made them.
They all gave the same Warm White colour of light and generated about 16 Lumens of light per Watt of power consumed.
Less than 5% of the power consumed was given off as visible light, the rest was radiated as heat which makes the incandescent light bulb a highly inefficient light source.
The incandescent bulb has already been banned in many countries, South Africa will soon follow suit.

Lighting Design and Consulting services we Offer.

Beware: Just because an LED bulb claims it is dimmable does not mean it is compatible with all dimmers.

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LED strip wiring

Some LED Lights require different voltage, 12Vdc, and are polarity sensitive. Others require different voltages and may or may not be polarity polarity sensitive.
However connecting these devices directly to your 220Vac mains supply will damage them.

LED Strip lights are dimmable but require specialised PWM dimmers or dimmable 12Vdc power supplies.

mr16 and gu10 led

When replacing your existing 12V Halogen down lights with LED down lights rather convert from MR16 12V to GU10 220Vac.
And remove the existing transformers, this will eliminate any possible incompatibility issues.

You may need to convert the fittings to GU10 type.

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