Certificate of Compliance Prices

We offer various options on Inspection Fees depending on how many inspections you require and preferred payment method.

The Techno Group offers various options on Inspection Fees including Preferential Inspection Fees for immediate settlement and Package Deals for multiple Inspections.

While those who settle before, or on the day of the inspection will receive preferential rates we do understand that not everyone has excess cash lying around with all the other expenses involved in selling and moving to a new home, therefore we also offer Deferred Payments where we forward the account to your Transferring Attorney for settlement on registration from the proceeds of the sale.

When selling your home in the Cape Town area you may require at least two Certificates and as many as five, Electrical, Beetle, Plumbing, Gas and Electric Fence.

Inspection Fees

  • Immediate Settlement.

    Option 1: Immediate Settlement (Payment before, or on the day of Inspections.)
    Any One: R 500.00
    Any Two: R 850.00
    Any Three: R 1 200.00
    Any Four: R 1 700.00
    All Five: R 2 100.00

  • Deferred Settlement

    Option 2: Deferred Settlement (Settlement by Transferring Attorney on Registration, up to a maximum of 90 days.)
    Any One: R 600.00
    Any Two: R 1 100.00
    Any Three: R 1 500.00
    Any Four: R 2 100.00
    All Five: R 2 500.00

  • Terms and Conditions.

    All Inspection Fees include VAT.

    PLEASE NOTE: The above fees are Inspection Fees, NOT Certificate Fees.
    Please refer to the Terms and Conditions below.

    Terms and Conditions:

    1: Option 1 payments not received on or, before day of inspections forfeit discount.

    2: These fees are Inspection Fees, Not Certificate Fees. We will perform the Inspections and in the event that the installations are compliant we will issue the Certificates at no additional cost. However should remedial work be required to make the installations compliant we will issue you with a report and a quote to effect repairs. Only once our quotation is accepted will we perform the rectifications and issue the Certificates. Should you decline our quotations and have the remedial work performed by others please ensure that they are qualified to, and prepared to, issue you with a Certificate as The Techno Group cannot be held responsible for, or guarantee, materials and workmanship supplied by others. Please also refer to point 3 below.

    3: Once Inspections have been performed Inspection Fees are due, and payable irrespective of the outcome of the Inspections or who ultimately issues the certificates.

Inspection Request

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