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Power Projects, Alternative Power and Power Savings.

Eskom load shedding creates havoc for most business’s and great inconvenience for homeowners.

South African business and homeowners are effectively under a two prong power challenge.

Electricity Costs and Availability.

First, we are actively encouraged to consume less power by Eskom pleas and suffer from above inflation price increases. The cost of electricity has doubled in just a few short years.

Secondly, at times when demand exceeds supply we experience “Load Shedding”,  another term for our electricity supply being temporarily cut off.

This leaves South Africans with the choice of simply accepting things as they are or doing something about it, we can invest in Power Saving methods to reduce consumption, or install a Standby Power system to cover Load Shedding periods, or we could do Both.

Tips to cut Electricity Consumption.

Advantages of installing Energy Saving and Standby Systems.

1: Installing Energy Saving Systems are an investment, electricity costs will continue to rise well above inflation for the foreseeable future, energy saving systems quickly pay for themselves and provide you with many hassle free years of savings.

2: Avoid the inconvenience, or lost revenue due to load shedding, a standby power system not only keeps your business running during load shedding, but it also keeps your security systems operational.

3: Prospective property buyers are seeing these systems as an essential requirement when looking to buy, Energy Efficiency and Standby Power not only add value to your property, but also make your home more desirable than a home that does not have these systems. Other countries already have systems in place whereby homes are inspected and issued an Energy Efficiency Rating when selling.

Switching your geyser off, or putting it on a timer, is only an effective power saving method if you can leave your geyser off for long enough periods where the energy required to reheat the water is less than the energy that would have been required to maintain your water temperature. This depends on your lifestyle requirements and the heat retaining efficiency of your geyser. Switching your geyser off a few hours a day will not make much difference.

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