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Top 10 Benefits of LED Lighting.

LED Lights are currently relatively expensive, when compared to the older lighting technologies, incandescent, halogen etc.

There would have to be some compelling reasons why we would install LED Lighting in our new homes or offices, even more so why we would replace perfectly good existing operational lights.

Luckily for LED Lighting it does offer numerous benefits over traditional lighting that  justify the somewhat larger up front investment, and we do use the word investment accurately, because that’s what LED lighting is, it’s an investment in our future.

Before we delve into the top 10 reasons for converting to LED Lighting lets first take a breath to caution the overly eager DIY LED converter from rushing blindly into ripping out existing lights and converting to LED.

Most of us are quite familiar with the older lighting technologies, and why not, it’s been around for many decades, we know what a 100 Watt bulb looks like and how much and what type of light it gives, we’ve grown up with this technology, we know it, but LED lighting is new to most of us and it’s different, very different.

Like any new industry it takes a while for Standards and Regulations to catch up and during the early stages of consumer ignorance many people get caught by inferior quality products and are disappointed with the results.

South Africa has been swamped with a huge variety of LED lights from all over the world ranging from the well known reputable Lighting Brands to others of unknown origin and dubious quality.

One LED Light can vary dramatically from another LED Light, EVEN if they have the same “Ratings” in terms of how much light and the quality of the light they generate.

Top 10 Reasons to convert to LED Lighting.

led lighting projects Cape Town

LED Lighting offers the home owner a range of products providing different lighting levels, colours and effects that was previously unavailable with traditional lighting .

Top 10 Benefits to LED Lighting.

LED strip light installations.LED flood light installations.LED range

Led Lightings’s Long Life span makes them ideal for situations where maintenance costs can be high.

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LED’s can be manufactured in shapes and sizes offering flexibility unavailable in traditional lighting.

LED Flood Light, low power consumption and long life span make them ideal for security lighting or any other high usage application.

LED's are cool to touch

LED lights are cool to touch and hence less likely to cause heat damage to surroundings and less of a fire hazard.

Read More on all those complicated LED Terminologies and Ratings.

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