Water Certificate of Compliance Cape Town.

Water Compliance Certificates in Cape Town

Water Certificate of Compliance in Cape Town.

“CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE OF WATER INSTALLATION ON TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE WATER BY-LAW SECTION 14(2) AND SANS 10252 AND SANS 10254”. It is a set of By Laws introduced by the City of Cape Town to prevent water wastage, remove unnecessary load from the sewerage system and to make sure your geyser does not explode, basically a seven point checklist:

1: The Hot Water Cylinder is plumbed correctly, PRV of the correct value, vacuum breakers correctly installed, emergency overflow installed with a metallic pipe, all overflows to be plumbed to the outside and discharge to atmosphere.

2: The water meter registers when a tap is open and stops completely when all taps are closed. If there is movement on the meter with all taps closed, this points to a leak somewhere on the property.

3: None of the terminal water fittings leak, when they are in the OFF position, and they are correctly fixed in position.

4: No storm water is discharged into the sewerage system.

5: There is no cross connection between the potable supply and any gray water system which may be installed.

6: The water pipes in the plumbing installation are properly saddled.

7: The private isolating valve is in place and operational.

It is important to understand that the Water Certificate is limited only to the above seven checks and is not concerned with other general plumbing maintenance issues e.g. Blocked pipes, secondary leaks*, water pressure issues, the general appearance or condition of fittings, baths, sinks, toilets etc.

Secondary Leaks are leaks that occur beyond, or, after the terminal fitting (tap) during usage, outlet pipes from bath, shower or kitchen sinks etc are deemed home maintenance issues not water wastage as the water has already been “utilised for it’s intended purpose”.

  • Techno Water Certificate Services, Cape Town.

    The Techno Group employs multiple teams of qualified highly experienced Plumbers to take care of all your Water Certificate needs, our plumbers are full time employees we do not make use of sub contractors.

    From performing the initial Water Inspections to carrying out all plumbing remedial work that may be required to make your Water Installation compliant.

    Including issuing of all reports and Water Certificates to the relevant persons, all in house, no sub contractors.

  • Our Location in Durbanville is the

    Perfect position for us to be able to offer our Water Inspection Services to the Greater Cape Town, Boland and Helderberg areas.

    Durbanville is, geographically, perfectly situated to enable us to offer our water inspection services throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas.

    From Parklands & Tableview on the West Coast through the Atlantic Seaboard to Fishhoek on the Peninsula, across the Bay to Strand, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Paarl and into the hills of Wellington and of course our own backyard of Bellville, Parow, Goodwood, Kraaifontein, Brackenfell and Kuilsriver.

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  • Important Facts about Water Certificate of Compliance in Cape Town.

    The Water Certificate is primarily concerned with reducing water wastage and reducing unnecessary load on our sewerage system.

    Part of the Water Inspection is to ensure that the high pressure geyser is properly installed, geysers can explode with devastating affects.